Exhausted from the constant struggle of competing with Microsoft and Google for top-tier talent?

Organizations, regardless of their size, frequently face challenges in their quest for exceptional talent, spanning from the initial candidate assessment to ensuring a seamless cultural fit and aligning with their financial parameters. Our approach to recruiting exceptionally skilled, meticulously vetted, and culturally aligned professionals, directly from our talent pool, adeptly addresses all of these concerns.

Hire Remote Talent

Define Your Requirements

Let's delve into your aspirations. What caliber of talent are you pursuing? Is it a remote SDET, perhaps, or does your quest have a different focus? To create the perfect match, what are your role expectations, and do you have distinct skill sets and qualifications in mind? Is there a comprehensive job description (JD) available?

The richer the details you can furnish about the role, the more precise our journey becomes. Once we have your criteria, Zapiot's Industry Expert will meticulously scrutinize them, and if necessary, reach out to you with inquiries to ensure utmost clarity.

Getting Started

We aim to provide you with an update on your request within a couple of days. Our in-house team has already pre-vetted talent from a partner network that is ready to commence work.

We are actively evaluating potential candidates, and we will notify you as soon as they have been screened.

If we currently do not have a suitable match, our team will work diligently to find one for you.

Streamlined Onboarding

When you've found the perfect fit among our candidates, they undergo a tailored onboarding process, seamlessly assimilating into your team like a seasoned in-house member.

Our commitment to excellence extends to meticulously matching Zapiot Resources with your timezone, ensuring a harmonious workflow with minimal overlap during your workday. While our standard practice is remote collaboration, we remain agile in accommodating on-site presence for your resources when it adds value to your objectives. This adaptive approach underscores our dedication to innovation in meeting your specific needs.

Pioneering Excellence - Always Innovating!

Your delight is our foremost commitment. Should you ever find yourself less than 100% satisfied with Zapiot's performance, we'll reinvent the process at no extra cost.

Bridging Tech Skill Gaps and Beyond - Elevating Your Hiring Experience!

Efficient Recruitment

More than 90% of talent interviewed by our clients get accepted. Our screening process is more rigorous than Silicon Valley job interviews. We test for Technical, Professional, Communication, and Cultural fit.

Cost-Efficiency with Premium Quality

Zapiot not only offers competitive pricing but also alleviates your concerns about benefits, ESOPs, vacation time, termination complexities, paperwork, and expense management. Everything is seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive package for your convenience.

Rapid Team Integration

Our consultants are proficient in a wide array of Project Management and collaboration tools. They possess the agility to swiftly adapt to your company's specific tools, even if they happen to be unconventional.

Effortless Communication

Monitor progress effortlessly through daily scrum calls, regular check-ins, and weekly demos. We maintain complete transparency in tracking work accomplishments and evaluating talent performance at every juncture.

Exceptional Employee Retention

Our excellent company policies, exceptional colleagues, and the stimulating challenges presented by projects entrusted to us by clients all contribute to maintaining high employee morale and remarkably low attrition rates.

Holistic Value Creation

We recognize that a company's value hinges significantly on its ability to assemble exceptional teams and develop outstanding products. Carnera's core mission revolves around empowering you to expedite the creation of your dream team and product