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Boost your cloud operations and workloads while reducing costs. Our DevOps Services enhance efficiency and expedite release management cycles. You'll experience improved throughput, resilient systems, and quicker time-to-market. Zapiot's dedicated teams offer DevOps Consulting Services to accelerate your projects and instil DevOps best practices. Our services promote a "Everything as Code" culture, bringing harmony to your cloud operations.

DevOps unites collaboration, monitoring, automation, and Cloud adoption. With our DevOps-as-a-Service, we automate your application onboarding, ensuring rapid delivery and seamless development across major cloud platforms. Streamlined delivery, enhanced efficiency, and cost reduction are guaranteed. Achieve your business goals with Zapiot's DevOps services



Achieve a sustainable strategic advantage for your business.


Reduced operational expenses through finely-tuned and optimized processes.


Cultivate a robust DevOps culture for faster turnarounds and heightened productivity.


Mitigated security risks through the implementation of automation and ongoing monitoring


Guaranteed faster time-to-market and quick ROI

Cloud Adoption

Embrace cloud technology to capitalize on advanced storage, networking, and analytics capabilities.

Assessment and Roadmap Development

We establish a DevOps assessment roadmap by envisioning the target state and pinpointing measurable metrics.

Framework Pilot Creation

We incorporate your current tools into our comprehensive assortment of automation tools, blending open source and licensed options.

Implementation of Processes

We expedite DevOps adoption by systematically analyzing, designing, constructing, automating, and deploying solutions in the designated domains.

CI/CD Pipeline

Our DevOps experts bridge the DevOps divide through continuous development, ongoing integration, perpetual testing, and seamless deployment.

Embark on your DevOps journey with Zapiot

Through our Enterprise DevOps consulting services, we assist large and medium-sized enterprises in attaining enhanced efficiency in both development and operations. This leads to quicker time-to-market and improved software build quality, thanks to early detection of emerging issues, ensuring that your code remains in a releasable state at all times. Let us help you formulate a DevOps strategy that promotes superior coordination and enables the delivery of an exceptional user experience.


At Zapiot, our team of DevOps consultants is dedicated to catalyzing the transformation of your delivery organization. We specialize in enhancing team collaboration, facilitating the adoption of agile software development practices, and achieving tangible results through the selection of optimal toolchains.

Infrastructure Oversight

Efficiently manage interactions between your cloud and on-premises environments, encompassing servers, storage, networks, virtualization software, and more.


Architect, build, and deploy cloud infrastructure with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tools, enabling agility, stability, and faster time-to-market.

Operational Oversight

Strategically design, supervise, and govern your cloud operational processes to optimize performance.

Capacity Optimization

Ensure that your cloud resources are appropriately tailored to support business workloads in a cost-effective manner

Availability Enhancement

Implement robust monitoring mechanisms within an event-driven management framework to bolster system availability.

Streamlined Release Management

Elevate the success rate of deployments through meticulous release management practices.

Security Governance

Conduct inspections, security audits, and apply industry-best security practices to safeguard your systems.

Round-the-Clock DevOps Support

Benefit from comprehensive 24/7 end-to-end support for your infrastructures, workloads, and operations.


Develop, ship, and deploy applications faster and at scale with Containers.


Configure and launch auto-scaling, self-healing clusters using leading containerization platforms/technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Elastic Container Service, EKS, Azure Container Services ACS, etc. Secure these clusters and applications with RBAC, service mesh implementation, Kubernetes hardening, container runtime protection, and container QA services.


Upload, organize, run, scale, manage, and stop containers compute instances, leverage load balancing, and scheduling capabilities, and enable quick deployment of container environments. Adopt orchestration best practices using platforms such as OpenShift, Rancher Labs, Docker Swarm, and Apache Mesos for responsive, secured, and stable container environments.

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Leverage our Cloud Experts to solve a problem when you are stuck. All it takes is one email to get things rolling.


Ask for DevOps engineers to help enhance/maintain your infrastructure so you can get back to building the product.

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Hire dedicated Remote Teams to help you with your infrastructure needs and at every stage of your cloud journey.