frequently Asked Question And Answer.

Yes, it is a permanent position with us. You would be part of the organization, delivering technology empowerment to various customers.

You would be working from our office and may operate from the customer's office. Depending on the project requirements, some products are developed in a controlled environment, and we adhere to those norms.

No, you are part of the Zapiot organization and will work with their customers. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, learning, and technological advancements while working with us.

As you are our employee, Zapiot will be paying your salary.

You will be provided with one leave per month and four leaves per quarter, in addition to National Holidays.

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All Developers are dedicated resources, work with one customer at a time. Once they finish their assignment in hands – they move to another customer.

All Developers are part of Zapiot’s partner eco-system or it’s employees and work with its customers. They are full-time engineers. We do not operate with Freelancers and Contractors.

We have both the models – Onsite and Offsite. Onsite: Where Developer works out of customer premise / location and lead by their Team / Tech Lead. Offsite: Where Developer works from our office and we ensure delivery based on plan agreed with customer. Customer in this case also works directly with engineer without any intervention.

Most developers we have who work 5 days a week. Very few developers work 6 days a week

Given we are delivering global services. Our developers support India, US, UK, ME and EU timezone.

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